Free Webinar: Isolated Perspectives

Isolated Perspectives: Why Many Decision Makers Aren?t Getting a Full View of Their Strategic Risks

Presented by Risk Wise and NavIncerta

September 13th, 2018 (5 PM Central European = 11 AM Eastern = 8 AM Pacific)

(this is a repeat session of the succesful webinar on 6th September)

To run or grow a business, decision making and dealing with risk are core capabilities. Two disciplines have evolved to assist executives with these capabilities: Decision Analysis and Enterprise Risk Management. Despite their common objective of supporting executives to make sound decisions, each discipline has its own focus, merits and tool set. When these disciplines function in isolation, they can end up working at cross purposes, provide conflicting or confusing information to decision makers, duplicate efforts which can waste decision-maker?s time. Is it time for these two disciplines to stop ignoring each other and instead find a way to start working together?

In this webinar, Henk Krijnen of NavIncerta and Diana Del Bel Belluz of Risk Wise will team up to:

  • provide an overview of each discipline, including its greatest strengths and weaknesses;
  • explore how these two perspectives differ and overlap in their approach to support decision-makers;
  • offer concrete strategies to better align their work streams within an organization to give decision makers a comprehensive view of risks;
  • describe common gaps and challenges in supporting decision-makers to make sound decisions under uncertainty and reveal the best techniques to bridge those gaps;
  • discuss the importance of building buy-in for these perspectives among executives;
  • answer your questions on how to leverage the power of Decision Analysis and Enterprise Risk Management in your organization. (Please submit your questions when you register for the webinar.)


You can submit questions here?in advance. We will incorporate these in the webinar on 13 September.

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About the speakers:

Henk Krijnen founded NavIncerta after completing a career of 35 years with Shell which took him to Indonesia, Thailand, the United States and the Netherlands. During his last five years in Shell?s corporate strategy department he played a pivotal role in establishing new approaches for risk and scenario analysis within the company. In NavIncerta he continues to evolve these techniques and brings them to a wider audience.

Diana Del Bel Belluz is President of Risk Wise Inc. For over a decade, Diana has worked exclusively in the area of Enterprise Risk Management and her thought leadership on the topic has earned her international following. She guides executive teams and boards to gain clarity and confidence about their ERM choices and programs. Diana created The Mobilize For Growth Program? based on her experience working with hundreds of business leaders over the past 25+ years. The program helps executives to achieve their company?s growth objectives and avoid The Risk Paralysis Trap?.