Our focus

The central theme of our curriculum is getting to grips with uncertainty and risk (in a wide sense) for investment decisions and corporate strategy development. Our materials are therefore of interest to decision analysts, risk managers, project economists, project engineers, cost engineers, as well as staff in finance, business development and strategy.

Our concept

We believe in the power of phased, interactive virtual learning: high learning effectiveness, low carbon footprint, low cost. Virtual learning is not just flipping through some online slide show with commentary. Or watching a video with a talking head. What we mean by virtual learning is appropriate use of entertaining video clips and short texts, live video conferences with experts, deep dives through comprehensive reading materials, interaction by mail or telephone, appealing assignments, participation in group discussions and improving understanding through quizzes. And all this at particpant’s own pace, fitting into busy work schedules.

Learning modes

To tailor the learning opportunity to your needs and situation, we offer four modes:

  1. Virtual Learning Bites: these are short efforts taking about 2 hours to be spent over a period of a month. ?Each ‘bite’ ?covers a technique or concept that can be absorbed on its own.
  2. Individual online courses: these are courses that can be done online on an individual basis with flexible start dates. There are no conferences or special topic presentations. However, the participant can engage with teachers by mail. Three month access is offered to courses that take about 8-10 hours to complete.
  3. Group online courses: these are composed of the individual online courses but run with groups simultaneously, complemented by three special topic and Q&A video conferences with our teachers. Minimum group size is four. Flexible start dates. Effort involved is 10-15 hours over a three month period. Ideal for a company to use as an ‘in-house’ option.


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