We offer individual ‘online on your own‘ courses (or e-learning courses) that ?teach professionals hands-on skills in the analysis of uncertainty and risk when preparing for investment decisions or strategy development.

The courses are designed to be modular, self-paced, entertaining and practical, yet with depth. They consist of short videos, interactive lessons, quizzes, printable summaries, supplementary reading.

While the Virtual Learning Labs include virtual expert lectures and check ins (and thus represent a comprehensive offering), the online course material? can also? be taken individually and independently. Teleconferencing or group discussions are then excluded. However, the learner can ask questions by using the built-in messaging system. Answering will be by mail or occasionally a telephone call.

The learner has access to a course for 90 days.


A compilation of fragments of ‘teaser’ videos that introduce detailed discussion of topics in the courses listed below

The concepts discussed in the NavIncerta courses provide a broad array of practical methodologies which yield a holistic and meaningful perspective on the investment opportunity proposed for the decision maker. This involves the generation of quantified ranges of the decision metrics, the integration with risk management and the incorporation of uncertainty in the business environment through scenario thinking. Experience and intuition will also guide executives in making sound decisions, but this needs to be coupled to good analysis.

Individual online courses:

Alumni forums:

Learning only really starts after completion of a course with putting the concepts into practice. We therefore also have alumni forums, one for each course. After completion of a course (including all assignments and the course evaluation), participants may enrol in an alumni forum at no additional cost. Here queries and examples from real life can be posted for discussion, collective learning and exchange of experiences. NavIncerta teachers participate in these forums too (on a best endeavour basis).

An excellent way to continue learning whilst on the job.

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