Upskilling programs

We believe the most effective way to upskill an organization is by means of programs that combine online modules with live lectures and on the job coaching over an extended time period. We do all of this virtual.

Virtual Workshops

A combination of online course material and with a group work collectively work on some problems.


A curriculum of three core online courses that cover both quantitative and qualitative analysis methods of risks and uncertainties of investment decision projects.


Fast paced, interactive engagement (face to face or virtual) covering aspects of one of the main analysis themes.

  • The use of scenario planning for decision making


We provide methodological consultancy services and assist with the development of in-company programs. You can use us as a sounding board or for on the job training and guidance on a range of topics: project economics, decision analysis, uncertainty and risk, scenario planning, corporate governance matters regarding project evaluation and decision making.

Free knowledge base

On this website we provide a freely accessible library of articles covering the theoretical background of the methodologies taught in the e-learning modules (in development).

NavIncerta Insights

In our Insights?we post short articles on topics relevant within the context of uncertainty and decision making.

What our clients say

Feedback on the online courses:

“..very to the point (no textbook bullshit), very approachable, even if you had no background experience, and I could quickly see the application for what I was learning in my daily work…”

“Enjoyed the content and level it was pitched at; the concepts were clear and the example spreadsheets highly useful.”

“I liked the fact that the course is very clear and concise, so that you are able to learn a wide range of material in a short amount of time.”

“I liked the informal tone in which the course is conducted, together with the close presence of teachers through teleconference.”

“I think the NavIncerta course material is absolutely excellent.”


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