Navigating Risk in a World of Uncertainty
Using effective Remote Learning approaches

NavIncerta, Risk Wise and 6DQ have formed a collective Claridec to assist companies to upskill their staff when addressing questions such as:

How do you know if a good decision has been made?
How do you incorporate risk?
What are ways to get to grips with systemic risks?
Which decision metrics are best?
How do you define risk appetite?
What is the magic of scenario planning?
How can decision analysis and risk management practices be aligned?
..and more.

By means of a tailored program we can take a cohort within an organization through a process of self development over the course of several months using online modules, live video lectures and on the job coaching. This represents an evolutonary and very effective learning approach.

Pick and choose components for your program and we jointly develop a suitable schedule.

Upskilling program

An upskilling program in the domains of Decision and Investment Analysis, Risk Management, Economics, Scenario Planning can be composed of live lectures delivered by video conference, online learning modules in Moodle and coaching sessions to guide participants with application of concepts and techniques in their own projects. A choice can be made of the list below. In addition, it is possible to design tailored sessions depending on the issues of relevance to the participants.

The core themes are:

  • how to make good decisions
  • how to deal with risk and uncertainty
Live lectures

Usually one hour, delivered by Zoom. Topics are in the domains of:

  • Risk Management and Risk Assessment
  • Decision Framing
  • Decision Quality
  • Scenario Planning
  • Risk Quantification
Virtual Learning Bites

These are short online modules that take about two hours to complete.

  • Decision Making and Decision Quality
  • Risk Appetite
  • Italian Flag (assessing a probability)
  • Range assessment
  • Why probabilistic investment analysis?
  • Scenario planning primer
Online courses

These are more involved courses that take about 10 hours to complete.

  • Probabilistic Investment Analysis
  • Risk Quantification
  • Focused Scenario Analysis of the Business Environment
Remote coaching

It is highly recommended that a program includes remote coaching. In small cohorts or individually participants will apply selected techniques within participant’s own practice. By means of video conference guidance is provided by subject matter experts in preparing and evaluating.

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