Risk Awareness Week Oct 2022

‘Exploring the Junctions of Risk Management and Decision Making’, a presentation together with Diana del bel Belluz.

Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinghuished Lecturer Program 2020-2021

The presentation ‘Scenario Planning for Decision Making in the Energy Industry’ was delivered to 20 locations around the world as part of the SPE Distinghuished Lecturer program.


Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

Watch a presentation (45 mins) about scenario planning on Youtube.

This presentation was given at the Unversidad Latina de Costa Rica on 14 August 2018. It discusses the background of scenario planning and how to use this methodology in support of investment decision making. A hypothetical example in the context of Costa Rica is provided as an illustration.


A webinar by Henk Krijnen on 23 June 2016 hosted by EDPN (European Decision Professionals Network): Dealing with uncertainty, from cost estimates to geopolitics.


A presentation by Henk Krijnen to an OECD workshop on complexity sciences in Paris on 26 October 2015. See video recording (20 mins).

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