Standard VLLss

Standard Virtual Learning Lab

A Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) is a structured learning program consisting of online course materials, exercises, virtual lectures and group discussions that allow participants to gain a deep understanding of a specific field over a period of several months.

A Standard VLL is composed of:

  1. ?Online training material?for self study. This includes videos, texts, quizzes and assignments. This is the same as the corresponding?individual online course.
  2. Check In sessions: two live video conferences of 1 hour in which additional clarifications are provided, a special topic is discussed and questions are answered about the online material.
  3. Virtual Expert Lecture: one live kick off video conference with ?a presentation (also 1 hour) by a seasoned expert from industry providing the context of the learning opportunity.

The total amount of time to be spent over a period of 3 months by a participant is about 12 hours, all inclusive.

The start date is flexible and can be set in consultation, as are the dates and times for the check in sessions and expert lecture. Also, the topics for the check in sessions can be tailored to the needs of the participants.?

We currently offer three Standard VLLs:

  • Probabilistic Investment Analysis
  • Risk Management and Quantification
  • Focused scenario analysis of the business environment

The Standard VLLs require a minimum of four participants and are ideal for companies who prefer an ‘in-house’ version.